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RF Test Engineer

The qualified candidate will be responsible for testing of highly reliable RF and microwave electronics. Must ensure that the procedures in use guarantee quality, reliability, repeatability, and efficiency of all products in production. Excellent knowledge and use of test equipment used in both engineering and production. Knowledge of manufacturing tools, equipment and processes involved in producing RF electronics. Must be able to perform circuit analysis and troubleshooting on parts and products. Continually improve quality in products and processes. Comfortable with working and communicating with various engineers and managers at all levels of the company.

Embedded Systems Engineer

The qualified candidate will take on the role of an embedded systems engineer in the development of hardware, firmware, and GUI applications to be used in modules or integrated into larger systems. The candidate must be capable of designing circuits that incorporate SOICs running embedded OS cores (Linux, for instance); a micro controller and its related peripherals; ADC, DAC, Temperature Sensors, etc. The candidate will be responsible for defining specifications, developing, designing and documenting firmware and software for embedded systems.


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