Mission Microwave Introduces Ultra-Compact 25W Ka-Band Block Upconverters

Mission Microwave Awarded High-Power Ka-Band SSPA Development Contract, Air Force SBIR Program
September 2, 2015
Mission Microwave’s new Ku- and Ka-Band Block Upconverters on Display at IBC 2015, Amsterdam
September 10, 2015



Size & Weight Reductions of 50% Achieved

Los Angeles, CA – September 7, 2015 – Mission Microwave Technologies, Inc. (www.missionmicrowave.com), a manufacturer of compact, highly efficient Solid State Power Amplifiers and Block Upconverters, announced today the product release of their new 25W Kaband Solid State Power Amplifier BUC designed to support mobile commercial and military satellite communications. The Ka-band Stinger delivers 25W saturated output power while drawing only 220W of prime power. The unit measures only 9” x 3.5” x 3.5” and weighs only 4.5 lbs, representing a 50% reduction over competing units. The Ka-band BUC presents a form factor common with their Ku-band Stinger BUCs which allows for terminal interchangeability.

“Our 25W Ka-band Stinger BUC is dramatically smaller and lighter than existing Ka-band BUCs. We have all seen the claims that everyone believes they have the smallest, most efficient BUC in the industry, so we’ve assembled the data for ready comparison at http://www.missionmicrowave.com/comparison-ka25-stinger. The reductions that we have been able to achieve, in size and weight, enable this 25W BUC to be used on terminals that previously used only 5W BUCs, without handicapping the portability of these small terminals” said Francis Auricchio, President and CEO of Mission Microwave. “It is also interchangeable with our KuBand Stinger BUCs. The small form factor, light weight, high efficiency, and ease of mounting and use make this amplifier ideal for use on-the-move or on-the-pause.”

Mission Microwave’s BUCs provide high reliability even in the most demanding applications and extreme environments. Their Ka-Band BUCs offer three selectable bands for full 29-31 GHz coverage, and their Ku-Band BUCs offer selectable standard and extended frequency bands with full band performance. Mission Microwave’s Stinger and Javelin products offer multiple interface options, including RS232, RS485, Ethernet, and wireless Bluetooth, complete with a simple-to-use app interface for iOS.


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