Ka-Band 50 watt Javelin BUC
March 9, 2021
Ka Titan
Ka-Band 200 watt Titan BUC
March 9, 2021

Ka-Band 100 watt Javelin BUC

The 100 watt Ka-Band Javelin BUC is well suited for maritime, tactical and mobile terminals.  The 100 watt Javelin mechanical and electrical interfaces are identical in all respects to the 50 watt version allowing terminal designed to provide their customers with a range of power options on a single common platform.

  • Model: Javelin-Ka-100 watt
  • Transmit Band: Ka
  • Rated Power: 100 watt, 50 dBm
  • Linear Power (single carrier spectral regrowth): 48 dBm
  • Linear Power (two tone intermodulation): 47 dBm
  • Options: Single Band 29-30GHz, Single Band 30-31 GHz,  Dual Band
  • M&C: Ethernet via Mission GUI or SNMP V3, Serial
  • Status: Production
  • Configuration Options: M&C Interface, Color
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