Ka-Band 25 watt Stinger BUC
March 9, 2021
Ka-Band 100 watt Javelin BUC
March 9, 2021

Ka-Band 50 watt Javelin BUC

The Ka-Band 50 watt Javelin BUC is well suited for maritime, tactical and multi-orbit terminals.  The 50 watt Javelin mechanical and electrical interfaces are identical in all respects to the 100 watt version allowing terminal designed to provide their customers with a range of power options on a single common platform.

  • Model: Javelin-Ka-50 watt
  • Transmit Band: Ka
  • Rated Power: 50 watt, 47 dBm
  • Linear Power (single carrier spectral regrowth): 45 dBm
  • Linear Power (two tone intermodulation): 44 dBm
  • Options: Single Band 29-30GHz, Single Band 30-31 GHz,  Dual Band
  • M&C: Ethernet via Mission GUI or SNMP V3, Serial
  • Status: Production
  • Configuration Options: M&C Interface, Color, DC input power available as an option
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