Ku-Band 100 watt Javelin BUC
March 9, 2021
Ka-Band 12 watt Flatpack BUC
March 9, 2021

Ku-Band 200 watt Titan BUC

The 200 watt Ku-Band Titan BUC is routinely used on high capacity Ku band transportable and multi-carrier gateways.  Offering the highest energy efficiency and lowest weight of any BUC in its class, the Titan is an optimal choice for maritime terminals and rapid deployable systems such as Satellite News Gathering vehicles and outside broadcast suites needing high capacity links.

  • Model: Titan-Ku-200
  • Transmit Band: Ku
  • Frequency (GHz): 13.75-14.5 (also 14.0-14.5 GHz)
  • Rated Power: 53 dBm / 200 watt
  • Linear Power (single carrier spectral regrowth): 51 dBm / 126 watt
  • Linear Power (two tone intermodulation): 50 dBm / 100watt
  • M&C: Ethernet via Mission GUI or SNMP V3, Serial
  • Status: Production
  • Configuration Options: M&C Interface, Color


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